ATS CM4D is the Dimensional Quality Validation piece of ATS ADOS, the Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 solution.

Use ATS CM4D to store, analyse and report dimensional and variable data throughout your manufacturing enterprise. Watch as we take you through just a few of the ways ATS CM4D can turn your data into meaningful information:

  • Virtual to Physical Dimensional Quality Control
  • Single Repository for All Variable Data – OEM, Supplier, or Partner
  • Full Integration with Different Systems – PLM, ERP, MES
  • Reads Data from Any Measurement System (CMM)
  • As-Built Data Analysis and Real-Time Feedback
  • Predictive Join and Real-World Assembly Conditions
  • Efficient Global Report Delivery
  • Turns Individual Part Measurements into Factory Information
  • Completely Scalable – from Multiple Sites to Single Computer to Cloud Servers
  • 3D Part Models
  • Access Reports via the Web

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