A global car manufacturer was on a mission to perfect its robotic welding and painting process. It wanted to achieve this by utilising an automated self-correction process that would produce high quality assembly welds with no defects.


Project Scope

The project was centered around the creation of a robust system to monitor events and generate alarms/triggers for deviations in set processes/parameters. The scope of the project included:

  • Automated validation of the quality of welding and painting processes.
  • Manufacturing traceability for each component and system.
  • Creation of a centralized repository for attribute and dimensional data.
Project scope

Solution Approach

All the data generated from welding and painting processes was captured, irrespective of the type or source. This data provided a complete picture of the equipment, product and process quality which, through a comprehensive analysis, produced actionable reports. We achieved this by:

  • Collection and transfer of data of all types between the production line, applications and enterprise systems by ATS Bus.
  • Creation of a lean system using Statistical Process Control (SPC) performed by ATS CM4D.
  • Creation of defects against units when a parameter goes out of control by ATS Inspect.

The ATS applications used within this solution are all part of the Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 software suite, ATS ADOS.

Solution Approach

The Results

The car manufacturer is now activelly using the solution for its quality management processes. The solution prepared the robotic stations for future technological advances with some of the benefits presented below:

  • Reduction in scrap rate due end-to-end traceability.
  • Improvement in overall quality of robotic operations.
  • Streamlined data in a central data location.


Systems, Tools & Services Expertise

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