ATS have found over the years that just training up engineers for its customers is not the whole job. The answer is also not to come in and take over.We have a philosophy at ATS that our role is to help our customers improve; whether that be in control systems engineering, factory IT systems or simply taking the holistic approach of everything that determines “productivity”.

This help generally takes the form of training and coaching in one form or another.

Yes we can come in and do a performance review on a factory, production line or machine system and supply the engineering to solve the problems; but the best answer is that we teach you to do it along the way and it becomes part of your culture.

To support this philosophy we have developed a range of approaches:

ATS Technology Training

With over 70 different classes ATS deliver the base knowledge needed by systems engineers to use the programming tools and systems.

Our hands on approach, mixing tuition with practical “real-life” examples, cements the knowledge for use in the field.

ATS Engineering Network Support

Not every engineer can know everything – whether they are recently trained or have many years of experience.

There are always difficult challenges and systems beyond the normal.

At ATS we have over 200 engineers with a unique spread of in depth knowledge across many systems and technologies. We obviously don’t know everything, but we do try to cover as much as possible.

For a simple annual subscription of $2,000 (CAD 2,500)*, ATS make available its global team of trainers and highly skilled engineers to assist you whenever you get stuck. This simple annual fee enables you to access the skills/support you need for up to 20 hours. If you need more, we can always accommodate. Additional on-site visits can also be arranged.

For more information please register your contact details (no commitment) and someone from ATS will contact you.

ATS Joint Working Approach

To complete a project, you don’t always have the skills in-house. You have the choice to either recruit or train up the team or contract out the job.

At ATS we have a joint working approach which enables us to embed an ATS project manager or technical expert in your team or take some of your engineers and manage them as part of our team.

Either way, we enable the project to be completed at a faster pace than the fully in-house route and enable a level of knowledge/skills transfer in the process.

The end result is you both meet your project goals and gain a more experienced team.

For more information please register your contact details (no commitment) and someone from ATS will contact you.

* sales taxes may be applicable