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Tuesday, April 28th at 02:00 PM SGT

Cyber Security threats are real! Some IT security systems are in place, but OT systems are vulnerable to Cyber attacks.

Ask yourself… are logging, intermediate analytics, patching, ad-hoc inspection and periodic data backup your answer to OT cyber security threats in your organization? Is it enough?

The sooner manufacturing companies recognise this threat, the better it will be for them. But, the question is how. All manufacturers want a safe and reliable OT layer for their manufacturing systems to function, but with a lack of adequate tools and resources they’re praying and not preparing for the imminent OT Cyber Security threats we all know are coming.

There is a way through. Join us to learn how organisations can secure legacy OT/ICS/SCADA systems and modern IIoT sensor environments:

  1. Establishing an advanced encrypted overlay that abstracts the OT network
  2. Eliminating the need to make changes to field equipment, HMI’s or controllers
  3. Gaining real-time insights of access control, behavioral profiling, Intrusion detection, and forensic audit trail for all your OT control network traffic

The webinar will be presented by Armand Lemmens, Enterprise Security Manager at ATS Global B.V.. Armand has a wealth of experience from working with manufacturers of all types for over a decade to define and implement Enterprise Security projects.

Feel free to reach out to Armand for further information at

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