ATS US has received an order from a wine industry supplier based in Modesto, California for an Ignition SPC solution.The company is currently using Statistical Process Control (SPC) to measure and control part quality through the manufacturing process. Data is collected at-line and in the lab and the results are then manually entered into Excel files and an offline SPC software package. Because of the disparate data collection, creating Certificates of Analysis (CoA) reports is a time-consuming and manual process that requires querying multiple systems to generate the required report.

ATS identified 4 major issues with the current SPC software system:

  • The current SPC software package, is out of date and has many opportunities for data entry errors because the at-line testing equipment is not integrated into the SPC package.
  • The customer recently implemented Ignition software for their current MES solution and now has to support two different software packages for their manufacturing needs.
  • The current Certificate of Analysis (CoA) reporting process is cumbersome and is also prone to data entry errors.
  • Alerting and alarming was not available in the existing SPC software package and therefore the risk of missed sampling cycles was high.

ATS will replace the current SPC software with the Ignition SPC Module and will integrate all compatible instruments and gauges so that measurement data can be automatically collected and stored. Leveraging the Ignition SPC module, will allow for seamless collaboration with the existing Ignition MES application thus creating a unified system that eliminates the need for double entry of data. ATS will create custom COA reports that will save the customer countless hours of time currently being spent to assemble the reports from several different data sources. ATS will also configure a sampling schedule and will alert an operator if they are missing a sample at any scheduled time. The solution will also be designed to send an alarm message to a quality team member, via email or text, when a process is trending out of control.

Image: Jack Zalium, Cork Macro,, (CC BY 2.0)