Volvo Car Corporation implemented CM4D software as an enterprise solution in 2001 across its three major facilities in Europe and 2 plants in Asia.In 2008, they implemented it at an additional facility in Chongqing, China. Volvo is notable for its extensive use of the CM4D Interactive interface, which has allowed them to achieve an almost paperless system for quality analysis. With over 1,000 registered users of that interface globally, Volvo uses CM4D Interactive as a plant-floor-level analysis tool.

Volvo is also notable for its practice of incorporating real historical quality data into all aspects of its operations, including Purchasing and New Product Design.

Volvo uses the system to monitor incoming data from approximately 40 separate suppliers, giving the suppliers regular feedback of their real quality. This system allows Volvo to greatly reduce their development time and cost of quality. In recent years, CM4D has been installed at several of Volvo’s suppliers. One of their plants (Ghent) has received several awards for Total Production Maintenance in recognition of the excellent work they have done using data on the shop floor to reduce waste in six key areas.