Join us on Tuesday, December 10th at 10AM EST to learn the benefits within the medical device manufacturing industry of migrating from a paper-based inspection system to a digital data collection and analysis software package. You will also see a live interaction, with a leading digital inspection application, demonstrating how your personnel could be entering data and the improved analysis that can be gained from it.

So, join us for all of the following:

  • Benefits of an automatic Audit Trail  and integrated Electronic Signatures
  • Identifying your current cost of quality
  • Live demonstration of a digital data collection software application
  • Examples of analysis available, including defect mapping and other reports

This paperless medical device inspection webinar will be presented by Mark Roos, an ATS expert dedicated to reducing the cost of quality for medical device manufacturers. Mark has over thirty years of experience working with manufacturers of all types to define and implement projects related to improving the capture and use of quality data.

Feel free to reach out to Mark for further information at


Mark Roos

Director of Strategic Business Development
ATS Applied Tech Systems