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SODA Labs is the Innovation division of ATS Global. Everything from cloud, apps and big data, to additive manufacturing, robotics and supply chains.

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Migrate to Industry 4.0

Cloud, smart phones, and AI are powering the 4th Industrial Revolution. Together we can support your company to innovate, transform and improve. Hybrid Architectures will help your company embrace new technology without harming your current operations.


Rapid Deployments

Cloud technologies actively encourage innovation. Rapid, agile development technics means that new features are delivered in days rather than months. The only thing holding companies back is their ambition.


Continuous Improvement

With SODA Play you can Map your Business -> Shape your Task -> Play your Process. Standardised processes are the key to a successful business and the springboard to continuous improvement. Map once, use thousands of time across the globe.



Find out more about the 4th industrial revelation, and what SODA Labs is doing about it.

SODA Labs – Services

Cloud Architecture

At SODA Labs we can provide you with highly talented architects that can migrate your business from classic architectures, VM servers onto the latest cloud infrastructures including the management of virtual infrastructures, Docker containers, security, integration. The perfect platform for your future Software as a Service (SaaS). MS Azure and AWS are our cloud platforms of choice.

Software as a Service Development

Once you have taken the leap of faith and moved to cloud you will never look back. SODA Labs can provide custom services, everything from UX design to development, deployment, and management of those ever-fresh services. SODA labs can suppor