Major airports are rapidly automating baggage handling systems or upgrading current technology to meet increased volumes and accuracy levels demanded by users. ATS has a team of engineers with dedicated knowledge of these applications.Barcoders, PLC’s and SCADA systems are still being implemented for very large applications using UNIX operating systems.

ATS is currently developing and improving the SCADA application at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, using FactoryLink. The system is used to control the baggage handling system and includes the sorter, carrousel, baggage carrousel systems and the X-ray screening linked to additional security equipment such as scanners and bar coders.

The SCADA application communicates with Siemens S7 PLC’s through a Sinec H1 Protocol with a TP4 transport layer. We communicate with the Transport Managers (TM’s) through a selfdeveloped protocol. To change parameters of the different PLC’s or TM’s there are various parameter screens available. Information needed from the PLC’s or TM’s is also available on different screens. Also the network status with the different systems like PLC’s and TM’s is visualised. The Alarm logging is completed through a Oracle Database System.

Different Project Groups at Schiphol send a request to develop or improve systems. At this point ATS makes a cost / engineering calculation which is sent back to these Project Groups. If they agree with the price then a meeting is arranged with the other (PLC, TM) programmers about the engineering list and after these meetings programming starts.

To do all this ATS engineers have to work with and also develop and maintain documentation according to DOD Automated Information Systems Standards and / or Schiphol Airport requirements.