Assessing Quality in Weld Audits

Defects missed during weld audits are expensive to correct as components may be added after a frame or other substructure has been welded. Adding value to a defective structure simply means added costs to repairs or scrap.

As a supplier to an OEM, shipping non conformances on a welded subassembly means an expensive exercise in sorting, corrective action procedures and time. On top of all this, if you’re shipping in sequence to a customer, the time frame for identifying a weld issue and making repairs is short.

So, what’s the biggest risk to your data center uptime? Your staff

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Sure, you have your data center protected against fire…

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A digital quality solution can mitigate many of the problems that come with a paper-based inspection and help you to verify the critical quality aspects of your welds.

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The Benefits of Going Paperless

Nick Roncone

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Nick has over thirty years of experience working with manufacturers of all types to define and implement projects related to improving the capture and use of Quality data.

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