Issues Assessing Quality in Assembly

Assembly inspections are complex because many components and sub-assemblies must come together and be installed correctly within a designated TAKT Time. The collection of, and reaction to, critical inspection data needs to be orchestrated in tandem with your assembly process. But, with a paper-based inspection many issues can arise.

Missed and poorly documented quality issues often result in added costs as non-conforming units are passed along to downstream processes where value is added. Further complicating the process flow and data collection is the routing of non-conforming units in and out of the standard flow to repair loops and offline audit stations.

So, what’s the biggest risk to your data center uptime? Your staff

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Sure, you have your data center protected against fire…

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A digital quality solution can mitigate many of the problems that come with a paper-based inspection and help you to verify the critical quality aspects of your assembly at each verification/quality gate.

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The Benefits of Going Paperless

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Nick has over thirty years of experience working with manufacturers of all types to define and implement projects related to improving the capture and use of Quality data.

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