Since 2011 ATS has played a key role in designing, configuring, implementing and maintaining Amgen Dún Laoghaire’s (ADL) Werum PAS-X solution.Amgen, the world’s largest biotech company, is on the leading edge of change, building more flexible facilities and retrofitting existing plants to be more efficient. In order to achieve its goals, Amgen has identified a standard IT architecture and integration approach between MES and other systems (e.g. Weighing & Dispensing – material scales and SAP interfaces). Solutions have focused on flows that are pre-configured, that streamline the flow of manufacturing data in support of electronic batch records and continued process improvement. The result is a highly automated shop floor with integrated systems that are both faster to start-up and require fewer ongoing resources to maintain. ATS is proud to be playing a role in helping Amgen achieve these corporate goals.

Biotech MES

Image: Idaho National Laboratory,
Biotechnology,, (CC BY 2.0)