ATS Global is proud to be attending the combined EMS (European Manufacturing Strategies) and SCMS (Supply Chain Management Strategies) summits on the 8th-10th November that are taking place both in Berlin, Germany and online.

Come and find us at booth 13 where we can discuss solutions to your challenges in manufacturing and supply chains.

We have over 35 years’ experience of developing strategic solutions for many of the largest manufacturers around the globe, with a deep knowledge across industries and technologies.

Come and say hello and let’s see how we can help you attain your Industry 4.0 goals

The Secret to Disruptive Manufacturing
Martine Melis, our Chief Commercial Officer, has been selected to speak in the EMS side of the event on Disruptive Manufacturing.

She will be asking ‘What’s the “one question” manufacturers ask us?’ and discussing the shifting perspectives of organisations and people/users. She will also delve into The How of disruptive manufacturing.

Shock of the New: Why Digital Threads are Just a Matter of Time, Not a Utopian Dream
Martin Kelman, the Chief Digital Transformation Officer at ATS Global, has been selected to speak at the SCMS Summit on the subject of Digital Threads.

He will ask why frictionless digital threads and horizontal integration have still not been achieved, whether it’s issues of technology, processes or business models, and he’ll also look to the future and what must happen for it all to be achieved.

About the Summits

The EMS (European Manufacturing Strategies Summit) and SCMS (European Supply Chain Management Strategies Summit) provide an international forum for cross-sector manufacturing and supply chain leaders to share and discuss the best way forward in this new world.

The agendas are packed with carefully selected sessions on topics as diverse as the challenges you face.

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