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An excellent opportunity for small and medium-sized discrete manufacturers to find out more about how to streamline production, increase productivity and optimize resources through the effective allocation and monitoring of assets, resources and labor while minimizing costly IT consulting services and reducing the impact on hardware infrastructure requirements.

Meet ATS experts for ‘MOM for Small to Medium Size Enterprises’ at Realize LIVE from 10th to 13th June 2019 at the Cobo Center, Detroit, MI

Over 3,000+ delegates from Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Energy and Power, Marine, Life Sciences and more will have the opportunity to network with each other, visit 125+ partner booths and attend 400+ sessions on various topics related to different manufacturing and production practices, technologies and trends.

Come and Meet Ralph

Mr. Ralph Marsh, Country Manager of ATS USA, brings more than 25+ years of experience in IT in manufaturing technologies. During his association with ATS for around 10 years, he has helped many manufaturing compaines from various sectors achieve digital transformation in different manufacturing processes.

MOM for Small to Medium Size Enterprises

Ralph will be presenting on how Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) can assist you:

  • Define and manage production process and flow control
  • Efficient management of material
  • Trace defects and quality issues for better quality management
  • Achieve complete product traceability, status of production and KPIs

Among other things, you can leverage Ralph’s experience to learn more about why you should:

  • Integrate MOM with PLM
  • Integrate MOM with ERP
  • Connect MOM to CNC machines to dispatch part programs and recipes
  • Collect data from equipment for downtime and performance analysis, and to support maintenance operations

Date, Time and Location:

11th June 2019 | Tuesday
11:15.00 AM to 12:00.00 PM
Room: 333
Cobo Center, Detroit, MI

Please feel free to reach out to Mr. Ralph Marsh for more information.


Ralph Marsh

Country Manager
ATS Applied Tech Systems LLC.

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About the event: Realize LIVE is the premier industry solutions event, connecting the Siemens Digital Industries Software community with peers, partners, and products while promoting networking opportunities to learn, grow and optimize the tools. Realize LIVE brings together the PLM Connection Americas and many other Siemens customer events, to become part of this new expanded conference and expo.

3,000+ Visitors
400+ Sessions
125+ Partner Booths
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