This major manufacturer of consumer products produces special machines for all paper products such as nappies (diapers) and tissues. ATS engineers are involved in major ongoing projects to constantly improve the efficiency of machines installed worldwide and to implement new control technologies on new equipment.

In addition to PLC, HMI and SCADA applications ATS has also implemented Web based technical support and servers supporting 4,000 users.

For a producer of paper products Wonderware InTrack was introduced to keep track of the information of pallets on their transport systems. SAP sent orders to a so called “SAPI”-program reading orders from an ASCII based file and creating “lots” for it in InTrack. This lot was then started on a palletiser as a production order.

As soon as the transport system finished stacking boxes on a pallet it created an unique code for the pallet and sent this to InTouch that triggered a script that created a sub-lot with information from the PLC (quantity, unique code) and from InTrack (production order, type of product etc). The pallet was then transferred to a “stretcher” that wrapped plastic around it. This moment was also captured and stored into the InTrack database. A barcode printer printed the information (stored in the database) on a label and attached it to the pallet. After the labelling was finished information was sent to SAP ERP system.

Used technique: Complete model in Wonderware InTrack