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ATS offers a range of solutions to complex manufacturing issues where a bespoke approach is required to provide the best results. To achieve this we work alongside you at every stage of your existing process to assess the situation, allowing us to tailor a solution that exactly fits your requirements. We then design a prioritised project to achieve it in a way that fits in with your ongoing business needs. ATS will manage the complete implementation of your solution while providing training to ensure new business practices and processes are understood and followed so that the full benefits of the solution are realised. Please select a specific solution to see how ATS can help you achieve and surpass your manufacturing goals.


Giving you complete traceability of your crops from seed drilling through to packing.

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A meat production solution allowing you to track and trace every product while keeping you in control every step of the way.

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A smart digital transformation of your gap & flush and door closing velocity data. A tailored solution for an essential quality requirement.

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Rapid MOM

Streamline production, increase productive time and optimize resources while minimizing costly IT consulting services and reducing the impact on hardware infrastructure requirements.

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