• Implement 100% quality assurance and traceability at all 3 European plants
  • Process innovation and built-in quality with end-to-end traceability
  • A mind-set shift, introducing excellent process with robust gatekeeper and “zero outflow” management
  • Drive to ensure zero non-conformity in every manufacturing process

Project Scope

  • Phase 1 – Trim & Chassis and Vehicle Quality Assurance (VQA)
  • Phase 2 – Encompass all earlier manufacturing processes
  • Phase 3 – Encompass all variable production data
Project scope

Solution Approach

  • Trim & chassis and VQA realized using ATS Inspect and ATS Bus
  • Capture all data generated irrespective of the type or source
  • Comprehensive analysis of all attribute and variable data
  • The variable data addressed in Phase-3 was stored within ATS CM4D
Solution Approach

The Results

  • Streamlining data to a central data location
  • Unified European QMS
  • Major advances in data availability and process reporting
  • Reduction in re-work and production errors due to end-to-end traceability

Systems, Tools & Services Expertise

  • 24/7 Support Services
  • ATS ADOS suite of products
    • ATS BUS
    • ATS Inspect
    • ATS CM4D

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Image: Colin, DSC03601; flickr.com (CC BY 2.0)