In 2004 Honda of America implented CM4D as an enterprise solution.Immediately thereafter Honda experienced a significant reduction in problems related to part quality, achieving an 85% reduction in build issues on the 2007 Accord vehicle program. This year, two of Honda’s vehicles (CR-V and Ridgeline) were ranked highest in their segments in the JD powers initial quality study, and one of it’s US plants (East Liberty, Ohio) ‘received a coveted Gold Plant award, ranking it as the top factory in the Americas.’

Honda is unique in the way it works with its suppliers to monitor incoming product. They have designed a highly organized system in which CM4D is used to analyze supplier processes so that their tooling is adjusted before parts are shipped in order to ensure consistency of supplier parts.

Because of the success of this system, QMC was awarded with an purchase order in 2008 to implement CM4D software at Honda’s newest plant in North America, in Indiana, USA.