See Ford’s Industry 4.0 solution and how their quality inspectors check overall dimensional body performance by measuring gap, flush, door closing velocity and force.ATS ADOS is the Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 suite of Attribute, Dimensional, Operational, and Shared (ADOS) applications that collects, reports and analyses data from diverse operations and transfers the processed information to wherever it is needed.

One way ATS ADOS can be used is to check overall dimensional body performance by measuring gap and flush and door closing velocity. ATS ADOS provides many key benefits, including the following:

  • Gap and flush measurement is easy to learn and is repeatable as it is guided with simple visuals whilst being supported by complex algorithms. It takes an average of just 2 seconds to measure each section.
  • With traditional tools it is only possible to measure a fraction of the door closing performance but ATS ADOS allows manufacturers to visualize 100% of their performance.
  • Connectivity is provided to the execution level so that all measured data is traceable by vehicle identification number. Vehicles with low performance are automatically blocked from shipment making it a perfect error proofing system.
  • Repair tasks can be automatically assigned to all blocked vehicles and repair costs will be recorded.
  • For process improvement teams, all relevant data is intelligently delivered to support lean six sigma initiatives, helping to analyse and control critical-to-quality indicators relating to body performance.

ATS ADOS – The versatile software suite for manufacturing quality and performance.