ATS expands the range of training sessions for manufacturing engineers, programmers, and maintenance staff and introduces 2 totally new streams.

Stream 1: Industrial Ethernet

Courses are destined to cover Design Best Practice, Network Setup, and Industrial Control System Cyber Security over 3 x one day courses.

Stream 2: PLC – B&R Automation

The series of 5 x one day courses cover the basics for programmers and maintenance personnel, as well as Visualisation, Safety and Motion. Courses are prepared with our partner B&R Automation which is known by machine builders and manufacturers looking for a performance and development time advantage.

The prices for these training courses are as follows:

  • First day (each stream) – AUD 990 per person
  • Additional courses per person (same stream, same booking) – AUD 500 extra per day

For instance, if you book a three whole day Industrial Ethernet course, the cost would be AUD 1,990 per person (excluding GST).

About our Trainers

Our trainers are all practicing engineers who are aware of the challenges faced on site, and share their valuable experiences freely with course participants. Courses are well–regarded for the highly hands-on approach to gaining critical competencies.

Visit our trainings website please if you or any of your staff would like further information on our training courses, or contacts us. We can provide either a simple course or a complete education programme to suit your needs.

The PLC and training course schedule is now full with opportunities to develop the skills of electricians and site technicians who are responsible for plant troubleshooting.