MESA issues this recognition to companies who have sufficient MESA Recognized Individuals to qualify (holders of the MESA Certificate of Competence). This recognition gives ATS International B.V. competitive advantage in the market place as it recognizes expertise and professionalism.MESA International President, Mike Yost, comments on this achievement, « Congratulations to ATS for leading the way and being the first ‘MESA-Recognized Business.’ As the speed of business continues to increase, manufacturers are looking for ways to identify businesses they can trust.

MESA-Recognized Businesses and Practitioners are helping industry figure out the role and value of modern Information Technologies in production operations. We recognize ATS for supporting MESA’s mission – through their corporate membership, regular contribution, and formal education of their professionals. And, we rely on them to keep driving value for industry worldwide. »

MESA introduced its Recognition Program just a few months ago. The program builds greater market awareness for individuals and businesses dedicated to MESA’s goal: educating the global marketplace on how and why to leverage modern Information Technologies in production operations. By doing so, MESA looks to engage more constituents in pursuit of this common goal and to help manufacturers, producers and solution providers find each other more easily and work together more effectively.

Mike James, Group Chairman & CTO of ATS International B.V. says: ‘A special thanks goes to our MES/MOM specialists who studied and passed testing for their Certificate of Competence and to Michael Hoppe who is a MESA Authorized Instructor and to other team members for moving so fast that we have become MESA’s first recognized business!’

About MESA

The Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association is a worldwide organization for manufacturers, solution providers and system integrators sharing standards and best practices.

About ATS

ATS is The Independent Solution Provider for Industrial, Process and Information Technology users world-wide. We provide products and services for all three levels of the automation pyramid; control, execution and information.