ATS International B.V. is proud to announce the release of ATS CM4D v20. This latest version provides many innovative enhancements to our award-winning Product Quality Validation Software, customer-driven solutions to real-world problems for companies such as Ford, Bell Helicopter and Volvo. Working closely with our customers, we have introduced exciting new features that will advance quality data reporting procedures to the next step in efficiency and consistency throughout the manufacturing process.
In his article « Virtual designs versus physical products » for Prime Magazine, Mike James explains how Ford takes advantage of enterprise quality management systems to improve product quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Due to the new development tools introduced in version 20 of ATS CM4D, the report building process is now easier than ever, saving template developer’s valuable time and effort. The following list shows the main developments contained in the new version:

Managed Document Selector
Within a large network, scrolling through a single list of hundreds of Managed Documents throughout multiple Databases can be very tedious. Now with the advanced navigation of the Managed Document Selector, you can drill down using filters and sorting to find the Managed Document you want to open quickly and easily.

Mirror Annot
Due to the symmetry of the data from one side to the other, the report is often symmetrical as well. The existing report-building tool, ReportTweak, has been enhanced to allow you to easily create a report for one side of a part and then copy and mirror it for the other.

Altered Array Sheet
While building a template or report, organizing your data within a SheetSet may be difficult if you have a large number of sheets. With this enhancement to the Array Sheet, you can temporarily rearrange the order of the sheets in the SheetSet, or hide some of the sheets so that you only see the sheets that are needed at that moment. This allows you to fill the display area with only the sheets relevant to the data you are currently working with, without having to zoom in and out repeatedly and reload extraneous information.

Find Features
Sometimes finding the data that you want to load into your report can be difficult when faced with multiple databases and dozens (if not hundreds), of available Routines. With the new Find Feature capability in ATS CM4D Interactive, you can search for and find all points, in all Routines and Databases that match a specified Feature Label string – all without loading any data from the database.

And Much More…
We have also improved ATS CM4D with some small changes that can make the biggest difference on a day-to-day basis. Feature Marker Text, available in both ATS CM4D Classic and ATS CM4D Interactive, allows you to easily locate a specific feature while rotating a 3D model in the view of a report. Another new feature, E-Mail Sheet, prints your report to a PDF and attaches it to an e-mail – all at the touch of a button. For more information on what else is new in v20, go to

About ATS CM4D
ATS CM4D is a suite of applications designed to fill the gap between the virtual design world of Computer Aided Design and the physical world of manufacturing. It highlights differences between the geometric design specification and the “as built” data from a manufactured item. Tackling these issues allows manufacturers to attain the highest quality possible.

Pictures and Screenshots

Managed Document Selector

Classic and Interactive
Feature Marker Text

Altered Array Sheet


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