Issues Assessing Quality in Assembly

Assembly inspections are complex because many components and sub-assemblies must come together and be installed correctly within a designated TAKT Time. The collection of, and reaction to, critical inspection data needs to be orchestrated in tandem with your assembly process. But, with a paper-based inspection many issues can arise.

Missed and poorly documented quality issues often result in added costs as non-conforming units are passed along to downstream processes where value is added. Further complicating the process flow and data collection is the routing of non-conforming units in and out of the standard flow to repair loops and offline audit stations.

A digital quality solution can mitigate many of the problems that come with a paper-based inspection and help you to verify the critical quality aspects of your assembly at each verification/quality gate.

The Benefits of Going Paperless

With a digital quality solution, rather than collecting paper records at each quality gate or maintaining a paper traveler that moves with each unit, quality data can be entered directly at fixed station PCs or using mobile devices. Data can also be collected automatically from torque controllers, multi testers and other equipment.

Data from all sources is collated in real-time as your units move through your process flow so that you always have access to quality analysis for each each unit.

Electronic Option Checks

Utilising electronic checklists within your digital quality solution will allow you to quickly verify option content, take measurements or document specific inspection items. This is a simple yet powerful transition from paper to screen that the operator can adapt to instantly.

Quality Alarms

With a digital quality solution, if a critical defect is found, or if a trend is emerging, an automated text or email notification can be sent to make the appropriate individuals aware of the situation. Alternatively, a message could be shown on an overhead display on the production line so that everyone in the production process is kept informed.

Getting the message to where it’s needed most in the fastest time possible is critical when you want to reduce the Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ). A faster response can reduce the number of defective units in your WIP and can aid in process improvement.

Empowering Data with Effective Analysis

With all of the data available in real-time, web-based reporting and analysis lets you analyze data by model, line, cell area, shift, hour and nearly limitless other combinations in order to identify bottlenecks and troublesome operations.

All inspections and repairs related to assembly, including incoming inspection, fabrication, paint, weld, sheet metal, BIW, and final inspections can benefit from the analysis that’s made available by a digital quality solution. By, also implementing the solution across all your off-line comprehensive audits, containment events, layered audits and other activities you’ll have a fully-integrated closed-loop inspection solution that will raise quality while reducing costs.