This reporting template contains a complete set of the graphs used by Volvo internally in their interactive system.Suppliers to Volvo are expected to send their measurement data directly to Volvo for analysis by
CM4D and are encouraged to perform their own quality analysis as part of product improvement. The reports include:

  • overall summary,
  • two types of Trend,
  • one X-MR Three management style graphs,
  • a statistical report and
  • a percentage good trend.

The graphs are simple and easy to use. In particular Volvo recommend the use of the “Graphical Final Demand”. This is essentially a trend graph with statistics and markers for normality, temporary tolerancing etc.

Volvo Tier I Report

Volvo Tier I Report

Download Example of Volvo Tier I Report as PDF.

NOTE: Volvo use their own summary statistics (Centre Spread and Target) Centre looks at features where mean is outside or close to tolerance, Spread looks at Range compared to tolerance and Target looks at individual measurements. In all cases these statistics are calculated to a variety of percentage of the tolerance value. So a Spread 50% value will be a comparison of the range of measured values to 50% of the tolerance value.

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