Our results are your best guarantee! 10–25% EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENTAt ATS we have a special dedicated team for Process Efficiency Improvement, covering areas as Lean Manufacturing, Lean IT / MES and Six Sigma. Our professionals have large experience in all kinds of business areas and have a proven track record of delivery of business improvements and cost savings.

Through our ATS Quick Scans, we bring to you their knowledge and expertise, gained though years of consultancy and manufacturing experience.

Our propositions are typically focused on Manufacturing, Quality, Inbound Logistics and Material Flow Processes and Information and Datacollection Systems.

A Roadmap to Manufacturing Excellence

Method description:

A group of 2 – 3 consultants will analyse your manufacturing processes during 2-3 days, meeting with different key persons from your organization, monitoring and analysing your current process and productivity bottlenecks.

Based on their observation, the ATS Consulting team will elaborate a report with an analysis of your process, personalised theoretical statements for improvement and a list of key action to be carried out to drastically improve your processes.

ATS Quick Scans follow an own Proven Systematic Approach for a quick evaluation of your processes and selection of the most fit solutions proven in different industries.

Quick Scans are a fast method to take the temperature of your manufacturing processes and design a roadmap that will bring you to manufacturing excellence.

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