Sharing Best Practices is probably the ideal way to decide if another company’s best practice will bring benefit to your business.Within the framework of best practices we have chosen two world-class companies that have recently implemented Visual Quality and Defect Inspection systems. By boosting quality both companies have reduced rework, reduced variance and lowered warranty costs.

By publishing a short series of articles on this subject we hope to bring some industry best practices to your attention and you can judge if they are appropriate solutions for your organisation.

If you think that your plant requires the following …

  • Reduce valuable time and money spent tracking product defects in production
  • Stop searching for inspection records in piles of paperwork / become paperless
  • Decrease your rework and warranty costs
  • Get real-time feedback of production-related issues
  • Be able to accurately and timely communicate product defect issues
  • Have access to specific information presented in a compelling manner at all times
  • Identify and eliminate possible causes of defects

… then you might be interested in our Visual Quality and Defect Inspection / Management product – ATS Inspect.