ATS Offers Lean and Six Sigma Training and Consulting Services

ATS Applied Tech Systems is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with LEAN 6 to collaborate on the provision of training and engineering services to further the understanding and application of Lean and Six Sigma practices in manufacturing industry. LEAN 6 is a leading Lean Six Sigma training and consulting organisation that focuses on the transfer of knowledge and skills related to business and manufacturing process management. It is a recognised training organisation and delivers a range of certifications in Lean, Six Sigma and Change Management. LEAN 6 adopts an internationally recognised standard for certification thus delivering the highest quality qualifications in Lean and Six Sigma.

Managing Director of ATS in Australia, Armin Fahnle commented on the formation of this partnership: “I am very excited at the ability to bring high quality Lean and Six Sigma training to our industrial customers through this partnership with LEAN 6. The LEAN 6 team have decades of experience in the implementation of these modern manufacturing methodologies. When coupled with the ability of the global ATS team to deliver MES and automation solution services, this partnership offers our customers an end to end solution to achieving successful quality and productivity outcomes”.

About ATS

ATS Applied Tech Systems is the Australian division of Netherlands-based ATS Global B.V., an Independent Solution Provider with more than 30 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge gained from undertaking continuous improvement initiatives, designing Manufacturing IT solutions, and implementing complete process and machine automation solutions.