ATS is pleased to announce its active participation at the 2015 Innovation Conference at the Nissan North America Plant in Canton, Mississippi during March 4 to 5.This annual event is showcasing the latest technologies for improving quality and productivity within the automotive industry. There were over 60 exhibitors displaying their products that illustrate emerging technologies. This year also included break-out sessions that will cover several “Best Practice” topics.

ATS was sharing with attendees the latest trends for quality control in the automotive industry, such as:

ATS Inspect, designed to reduce the costs associated with scrap, rework, warranty claims and production bottlenecks in many different fields of manufacturing. Working in unison with existing systems, it will raise the quality of the manufacturing process and the final product.

ATS CM4D, a single automated solution that immediately analyses all quality inspection and measurement data from in-house equipment and suppliers so that critical quality issues can be addressed early in production, before they lead to late deliveries, or further upstream during engineering processes.

According to the Innovation Conference organizers, last year over 1100 people attended the conference. This year, the event without a doubt was filled with valuable insight regarding innovative technologies. For more information, visit

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