Michelangelo still inspiring…A marine propulsion company based in Barendrecht, Poseidon, asked Teclab to mill a bow thruster from aluminium. It needed to be done in one piece, without finishing treatments; a complex command.

Teclab asked the specialists at ATS Edgecam, with their CNC programming knowledge, to take on the challenge with them, as well as Tungaloy who manufacture milling machines. Together they have come up with a strategy to mill away the excess material and produced two bow thrusters and everybody was very happy with the results. Now that Teclab has proved that it is possible to mill a bow thruster Poseidon will do this themselves in the future. “However, Poseidon will need more than just a machine,” Teclab says, “a great CNC-programmer who will go the extra mile is also much needed!”

It’s like Michelangelo said, when he made David: “His shape was already present in the marble, I only needed to free him”. All the teams involved in this project have just delivered that piece of art with this bow thruster.

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