Wireless Gauge for Car Door Closure Velocity and Force

This is a wireless device designed to measure closure velocity or force, and wirelessly send readings to a PC or assembly information system.

Ready for Industry 4.0 / Smart Manufacturing

See how this device is being used as a part of an Industry 4.0 / Smart Manufacturing strategy in an Automotive Automated Body Quality Solution.

How it Works

The device is easily attached to the closure using a vacuum cup. One press of the button will start the measurement. Once the door, deck lid, lift gate, or sliding door has been closed, the velocity or force will be displayed on the LCD screen and a red/green LED will be displayed based on limits that are set in the device. The user can re-test or wirelessly send the measurement to ATS CM4D based on whether the closure is fully latched or if a re-test is required.

Above: Operators can become super efficient with this tool.


  • Wireless data Transmission
  • Simple to program and use
  • Robust design
  • Vacuum cup to attach to any closure
  • Easy to grip handle and vacuum cup
  • Multiple Data outputs

ATS CM4D Software

Wireless Gauge for Car Door Closure Velocity and Force

Software Features

  • Automatic test sequencing
  • Data routines for up to five doors
  • Customised reporting with traceability
  • Real-time in-process report screens

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