Does your company struggle to maintain paper based work instructions? Maybe you're heavily reliant on tribal knowledge or just looking to implement a lean philosophy? VisualFactory provides visual tools for effective management of lean operations.

VisualFactory is designed, built & maintained by a team of lean manufacturing experts at NoMuda who have 25 years of manufacturing experience. The VisualFactory system has over a decade of use in some of the world’s largest and best manufacturers.

An Extensive Lean Software Application

VisualFactory is a web browser based software application (running inside your corporate firewall) that is proven to dramatically reduce costs, improve the productivity and efficiency of your workforce, and deliver Right First Time quality.

Stable & Standardized Processes

VisualFactory provides real time, dynamic Electronic Work Instructions (EWI) so that products are built right first time every time, even in low volume high variety and configure to order environments.

More than just Visual Work Instructions

VisualFactory has been engineered to record and track extremely valuable, required manufacturing data. This ranges from recording what tools are used, to how long a particular activity took to complete.

VisualFactory in use at Esterline Racal Acoustics.

VisualFactory helps you optimize your manufacturing processes inline with lean manufacturing methodologies and get Right First Time quality.


VisualFactory’ built in intelligence and innovative configurator make producing high variety, complex assemblies extremely simple and cost effective.


VisualFactory is a single point of contact for all manufacturing knowledge & intelligence, eliminating the need for multiple document based systems.


VisualFactory automates and coordinates the manufacturing intelligence needed to optimize operations. This provides the information you need to know, when you need to know it.

VisualFactory seamlessly integrates with your existing business applications

We provide a comprehensive platform for supporting lean manufacturing, integrating with other business systems to provide a co-ordinated system in line with an ISA-95 approach.

  • VisualFactory enables best practice Lean Manufacturing with standardized visual work instructions.
  • VisualFactory sits in levels 2 & 3 in the manufacturing systems model, coordianting mission critical tasks.
  • VisualFactory eliminates fragmented/disconnected software systems with a range of integrated modules.
  • These modules provide Manufacturing Execution System (MES) & Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) functionality.
  • VisualFactory becomes a single source for Manufacturing Knowledge & Manufacturing Intelligence.
  • Implements core manufacturing philosophies; Lean Operations, Just In Time Production, Kaizen, Visual Kanban and more.


VisualFactory has a multitude of features, below we show just a few of the most sought after.

Web Based

VisualFactory is a web application that runs on an internal, intranet network. This removes the need to install & maintain hundreds of copies of the software.

Bom Integration

VisualFactory is designed to integrate with many existing ERP & MRP systems. These include SAP, Oracle, WinMan, Mapics as well as others.

Visual Work Instructions

VisualFactory allows for the creation of Visual Work Instructions. These are designed to be more intuitive and usable than traditional text based instructions.

Database driven

VisualFactory is a database driven application which facilitates content reuse and powerful authoring capabilities. This allows for single point editing of visual work instructions.

Modular Design

VisualFactory is built using a modular design approach. This gives customers the ability to easily add modules & functionality only when they require them.

Record Production Data

VisualFactory has the ability to record extremely valuable data regarding a production process. This includes; the tools and parts used as well as completion times for specific tasks.

Version Control

VisualFactory has the ability to easily control multiple versions of Visual Work Instructions, ensuring the most up to date versions are used.

Extensive Help & Support

VisualFactory offers 24 hour phone & online support as well as on site support where necessary.

Mobile Compatibility

VisualFactory is compatible with mobile & tablet devices, making portable Visual Work Instruction solutions viable reality.

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