802.11n becomes 'Industrial' with new High-Speed radios from ProSoft Technology

The RadioLinx 802.11n Industrial Hotspot provides Automation-class technology to demanding industrial wireless applications. This new radio takes benefits of highly performing standard and is optimized for rugged industrial performance and easy deployment in the field.

ProSoft Technology® launches 2 new 802.11n industrial radios:
  • RLXIB-IHN is an Industrial HotspotTM
  • RLXIB-ICN is a Industrial Client version

IEEE 802.11n is the next generation 802.11 wireless standard. It is ideal for customers with high-speed network demands and it is compatible with existing 802.11 infrastructures.

The RLXIB-IHN series delivers the speed, security, and flexibility of the highest performing 802.11n technology while meeting the specific needs of industrial customers who demand ease of deployment, ruggedness, and reliable industrial communications. The new RadioLinx 802.11n radio utilizes MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology with three antennas to enable high-speed rates up to 300 Mbps.


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