ProSoft Technology introduces Scalable Modbus Solutions for CompactLogix

The MVI69E/L product lines were developed to provide users with scalable solutions to connect non-Rockwell networks to CompactLogix L3 and L2 control systems.

These new modules have many new features not available in our older Modbus and Modbus TCP/IP modules for CompactLogix. Each MVI69 Enhanced and MVI69 Lite module features Remote Connectivity over Ethernet. This lets a user configure and maintain the module without being on the plant floor. Each module also features an Add-On Profile which allows the user to quickly set up the module using Studio 5000/RSLogix 5000.

  • MVI69E modules are designed for all plications.

  • MVI69L modules are designed for smaller applications that need just the right amount of data to operate efficiently.

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