Lean & 六西格玛

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Lean & 六西格玛


当前的经济形势要求更高效和更有效的方法来使用您的生产能力. 您如何能够结构化设计和保持您的流程最优化? 精益化生产 & 六西格玛 are integrated, disciplined proven approaches for improving business performance.

ATS offers the possibility of carrying out quick scans for a better understanding of potential optimization of production and business processes. ATS has a generic approach in the provision of business optimization solutions to our customers. This standard approach is based on experience and best practices from ATS and other implementations / transformations. It provides guidance in the implementation of an optimization solution and will always be tailored to the needs of our customers.

也请访问我们的Lean,六西格玛 & MES.

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