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See the ATS references and case studies for Aerospace and Defence industry. >>>

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ATS Inspect - Quality Inspection Software at Honeywell

Quality Inspection Software ATS Inspect is used at Honeywell for aircraft engine inspection. The global project involves facilities in the US and Hong Kong. Pilot program will expand to full implementation at the manufacturing centers. >>>

Our Customers & References : Aerospace & Defence

Aerospace Component Manufacturer Chooses ATS for Shop Floor Platform Migration

In recognition of previous successful contracts, this manufacturer has asked ATS to migrate their existing mission-critical shop floor PCs to the Windows 7 platform. Repeat orders like this are a sure sign that existing customers trust ATS to successfully complete orders to the highest standards. There will be a second phase to migrate the remaining PCs next year. >>>

International Aerospace OEM Chooses ATS for Design Phase of Major Shop Floor Modernisation

In Germany an international aerospace manufacturer is currently carrying out a major modernisation plan for their shop floor. This involves the reconfiguration of many production lines and the replacement of a large amount of the equipment. A crucial step is the replacement and re-location of approximately 500 PCs. Based on numerous successful projects in the past the company has called on ATS to carry out the design phase of how these PCs will be located and configured to work harmoniously with the countless other equipment within the plant once the modernisation is complete. >>>

Aerospace Process Capability Solutions

For almost 30 years we have been in close partnership with international aerospace companies and their suppliers. Our vision is clear, we deploy solutions and fully integrated technologies that provide business benefits and increase plant responsiveness – always having in mind the complexity and high variances that rule your manufacturing processes.

Aerospace Manufacturing Intelligence System Project

When you push the boundaries of technology to the limits in order to extract that all important additional increment in engine performance, you also challenge the boundaries of what parts can and cannot be made. Advanced precision production processes are what results. >>>

Experts' Blog on Manufacturing

An Industry 4.0 Journey

This article explores the success story at KMWE who are globalising at a rapid tempo. We are focussing on their global support group, the pitfalls and successes as their journey develops. >>>

Right First Time Best Practices in Aerospace

I recently attended an Automotive conference where the presenter talked about Straight Through Ratios (STR). What he meant was a vehicle that went through the full assembly process without a single fault being detected. >>>

Supplier Performance in the Aerospace Industry still disappoints

I recently attended a private conference with a major OEM in the Aerospace industry. The subject was supplier performance on both on-time delivery and quality performance. I am not allowed to divulge the numbers, just take it from me that they were shockingly bad. The result of the meeting was that ATS was requested to lead an improvement program for the supply chain. >>>

ATS Intelligence OEE : Application Examples & User Opinions


Light jets manufacturer uses solution in multinational teams equipped with mobile touchscreen devices. >>>


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