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Metal Galvanizing Company Chooses ATS for Automation Solutions

Metal Galvanizing Company Chooses ATS for Automation Solutions
This metal galvanizing company has seven plants in Australia. It has already had ATS technicians in place for three years and it has now extended this support for a fourth year. The industry is heavy and dirty and when equipment fails it can be hard to immediately tell where the issue lies. This is where ATS comes in. Using our years of experience, and the automation we have put in place, we are able to quickly identify why machinery has stopped working, ensuring that the company can keep working at its peak performance rates. >>>

Machine Builder Chooses ATS for Siemens PLC Support

Machine Builder Chooses ATS for Siemens PLC Support
ATS has recently received an order from a machine building company based in Australia that has its origins in the aerospace, automotive and rail industry. With the resource boom happening in Australia they have diversified into the mining industry and are now receiving orders for very large installations. In order to cope with the additional resource requirements for these projects they have turned to ATS. With our knowledge of Siemens PLC’s, Simovert and Safety we form a first stop shop for the company. In this case we are going to support commissioning of several massive jacks, which should be completed in 4 weeks. >>>

Global Steelmaker Chooses ATS for Raw Iron Detection

Global Steelmaker Chooses ATS for Raw Iron Detection
After a successful Proof-of-Concept to show that it’s possible to identify hot raw iron under the conditions which apply at large steelmaker, the next stage has begun. A camera system will now be installed and configured on a raw iron tap position. Once this has worked consistently for 12 days a further roll-out will commence. ATS has also been tasked with installing the required hardware. >>>

Vue d'ensemble de la production d'Ameron

Ce projet a couvert l’automatisation complete du processus de production d'Ameron. Un contrôleur de programme JUMO Dicon 501 et un logiciel SCADA PCVue 32 d' Arc Informatique ont été utilisés pour contrôler le processus. >>>

L'eau et le traitement des eaux usées

La gestion de l'eau et des eaux usées associe de simples stations de pompage avec un traitement des eaux complexe et des stations de contrôle sur de grandes distances géographiques. >>>


De nouvelles techniques ont été créées pour développer des antibiotiques et ATS a été sollicitée pour écrire le logiciel pour automates pour le traitement de l'eau et du processus de fabrication. >>>

Plate-formes en mer

Dans cette application, les ingénieurs ATS ont converti un logiciel SCADA déja existant pour le contrôle de moteurs au sol en un logiciel facile d'utilisation. >>>

Mélange et dosage

Dans cette application, un systeme SCADA standard a été remplacé par une application développée par ATS et utilisant Visual Basic et Access. >>>

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