Handheld Data Collector for Digital Gauges with SPC Charting

Handheld Data Collector for use with Serial and Digital Gauges. Data collector features an LCD panel to display collected information, with a backlight option for use in lowlight conditions. The ergonomic design features keys oriented for either right-or left-hand operation. The contoured grip reduces operator fatigue and the likelihood of motion injuries.

Standard Features
A red/green/yellow LED display provides visual indication of in/out of spec conditions and caution alerts for operators. A standard internal warning buzzer, or an optional lapel buzzer, also serves as a warning indicator. The LEDs are position and color coded for easy recognition, even by operators who are unable to distinguish colors.

SPC Option
The 501 may be ordered with either the SPC option for on-board SPC analysis, or a non-SPC option.

Rugged Design
The 501 data collector is designed to survive a four foot drop to a concrete surface without loss of function. It resists damage from puddled oil, water-based cutting fluid, abrasives, dust, metal chips and filings. Standard power is two rechargeable commercial AA batteries.

Export Feature
  • Data summary
  • Database export
  • Spreadsheet export
  • With or without headers
  • With or without characteristic labels

SPC Option
  • x-bar & R control charts and stats
  • x-bar & Σ control charts and statistics
  • SPC histogram and statistics
  • Charts can be automatically graphed as data is collected
  • Trends and out-of-control points indicated on control charts
  • Calculate control limits
  • Enter assignable causes

Gage Digital Interfaces
  • Inputs from Mitutoyo, Chicago Dial Indicator, Federal Maxμm, Ono Sokki,RS232, RS422, RS423, Sylvac Serial
  • Smart serial gage support
  • 300 to 38.4 Kbaud

Gage Analog Interfaces
  • Four channel analog option supports LMI, JS and MP Components gages
  • Real time two-or three-axis true position gaging
  • Automatic time at level gage reading
  • Prompted zero before read option
  • 0-1% full scale accuracy

Other Functions
  • Enter, review, retake data
  • Data logging
  • Footswitch input
  • Unreasonable reading actions

Additional Features
  • Red/green/yellow LCD trend alert
  • Flash memory for field updates
  • Built-in multiple languages
  • Interface compatible with popular electronic gages
  • Password protection
  • Built-in help

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