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Water and Waste Water Treatment

Managing water and waste water treatment combines simple pumping stations with complex waste water treatment and central control stations over large geographical areas.

One of ATS’s experiences in the “World of Water” is a waste water management project at the RWZI. This project involved Siemens PLC’s, combined with a Profibus FMS-network and SCADA applications using FIX32 and FIXDynamics.

To fully understand the process ATS engineers worked closely with water management experts from the customer. The program consists of several PID loops and step motor controls, for instance to control oxygen levels in aeration tanks, the volume and density of mud, depth measurements, nitrate measurements, de-phosphate installations etc.

Programming drive control systems and configuring the Profibus-DP network were important elements of this project. For pumps, motors, mixers, and test and measurement equipment standards for both the PLC and SCADA system were developed.

ATS engineers are frequently involved with writing software for remote terminal units, communication, and PLC & SCADA systems. This industry is continually advancing with new methods and systems making the most of our water supply.

ATS’s experience in control applications made sure that the PLC program was well structured for this process and that a clear and user friendly SCADA-application was developed.

Data acquisition included active hours, samples, maximum-, minimum- and average accumulations, notification to printers and log-files etc. The project also included remote communication (PLC and SCADA), building PC networks, and logging of alarms, notify alarms, synchronisation of PC’s and PLC, etc.

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Simulation of a Water Treatment Plant

This ATS Project involved developing a process behavior simulation of a Water Treatment Plant for the DSP (Direct Sheet Plant) at a steel giant in The Netherlands. [...]

Laser welding project

We received an order from a laser welding Company for control software development and visualization of a machine that produces "pillow plates". "Pillow plates" are produced by welding two metal plates into a circular pattern. By using high pressure air between two sheets a hollow space is created and this again creates an insulating wall. "Pillow plates" are among others used in heat exchangers. [...]

Efficient Product Handling

Fast Efficient Solutions to support Lean Production. A key ingredient in achieving Lean Production operations is having good work practices to monitor and move the product (and components) around the factory. Anyone who has ever worked in a high volume/high speed operation will vouch for this. Organizing product flows, maintaining buffer stocks and keeping track of shop stock levels all too often proves elusive. Line stoppages, overstocking and product damage often result. [...]

Line Flexibity Project

When you’ve designed a production line to meet a given output level and your customer demand reaches more than double that level, you’re working three shifts, seven days a week and you still can’t keep up, you need to take action. You essentially have two choices – you invest in a second line or you fix the existing one to increase throughput. The latter is what Faurecia chose on their Malibu assembly line. [...]

Water and Waste Water Treatment

Managing water and waste water treatment combines simple pumping stations with complex waste water treatment and central control stations over large geographical areas. [...]

Water Cooling Systems

For a company that is specialised in selling chemicals to companies who use water for industrial cooling and heat exchange systems. To prove the effectiveness of their systems they decided to build mobile test systems to measure water quality at customer locations. [...]

Steel Manufacturing

ATS has been involved in hundreds of projects for the steel industry over many years. Control applications using a wide variety of PLC and SCADA systems for ovens, rolling mills, transport systems, cranes and peripheral activities such as water treatment and cooling have been implemented in many plants in different countries. [...]

Production Overview at Ameron

This project covered the complete automation of the production process of Ameron. A JUMO Dicon 501 program controller and a SCADA-package PCVue 32 from Arc Informatique were used to control the process. [...]

Transport Conveyors & Cranes

Another of ATS’s very first applications involved the implementation of PLC’s for transport conveyors. More recently an ATS engineer helped to design and implement the Operator Interface and Control on a crane and conveyor system. [...]

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