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We received an order from a laser welding Company for control software development and visualization of a machine that produces "pillow plates". "Pillow plates" are produced by welding two metal plates into a circular pattern. By using high pressure air between two sheets a hollow space is created and this again creates an insulating wall. "Pillow plates" are among others used in heat exchangers.

The customer of this company provides an Autocad drawing and the ATS system creates a circular pattern and generates CNC code based on that drawing. This is used by the PLC to weld in the correct X, Y coordinates.
The welding company has three of these machines, which control a PLC with Beckhof CNC module. The visualization is based on the Inductive Automation Ignition SCADA package.

Ignition offers a number of advantages, Ignition is a web-based SCADA package with unlimited tags and clients. Ignition is based on Java and is fully customizable by using the Software Development Kit. This SDK example will be used for the AutoCAD operations and CNC code generation. ATS is a global Certified Integrator for Inductive automation.
All machines are identical in design. Thru the server-based architecture, the development of the SCADA application is done just once. All three machine will be controlled by one client.

Pillow Plates

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