Advantech's Video Capture Card Series

Advantech provides Industrial Video Capture Cards to fulfill the rigorous demands of security applications. Advantech's video capture cards feature the latest MPEG-4/H.264 video compression technology and D1 full high resolution at 30 fps, high compression rates for efficient storage, and -10 ~ 60 °C wide operating temperature for harsh environments. Advantech’s PV series of video capture cards come with the advanced PowerView 6000 software, while Advantech’s DVP series includes software development kits for easy customization and integration with third party devices, such as bar code scanners, process controllers, ATMs, speed dome cameras, and more.

Aplication examples:

Traffic Monitoring System
In order to improve traffic flow efficiency and reduce accidents, many governments are upgrading their traffic monitoring systems. Advantech’s DVP-1412E USB video capture card is designed for use with Vehicle Detection Systems, and its compact- size can be easily integrated into many types hardware to deliver streaming video with D1 resolution at full-motion frame rates. DVX-4370 IVS provides intelligent video analytics, such as car counting, enter or exiting, and detecting non-stop areas, vehicle wrong direction and more to automatically detect, analyze, and classify objects and people behaviors.

Hazardous Equipment Monitoring System
In chemical, petrochemical, and other hazardous equipment operations, management requires rigorous security to protect operators and maintain equipment. Advantech industrial video surveillance solutions fulfill critical demands of security. DVX-4170 DVR connects with ADAM-4000/6000 to integrate video and I/O into one platform so that operators can monitor hazardous equipment with its corresponding temperature, level, pressure, and valve operations onscreen. Further, DVX-4270 Central Monitoring System supports multiple-monitor displays and search tools to improve monitoring efficiency, and offers instant alerts with DVR to inform management when an event is triggered.

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