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ATS brings together a range of ATS and third party partner products emphasizing our expertise in smart automation, quality and IT excellence. We have been distributing first class hardware and software products world-wide since 1986. Users and potential users of ATS Products are kept up-to-date with the latest developments through our Web site and our news letter.

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Products are often part of a complete solution so ATS offers expert telephone or on-site technical support to customers.

ATS provides OPC Servers for different protocols, a very powerful OPC SQL Agent, protocol analyser software, complementary components for Allen-Bradley, Siemens and GE-Fanuc PLC's, PC/PLC interface cards for communication and digital/analogue signal processing, gateways for linking industrial networks, ifm ASi technology/Web controllers and weighing systems, industrial PC's in different formats, (Web) operator terminals, terminals for linking to bar codes scanners, low cost industrial ASCII terminals, GSM modems, alarm reports able to connect to a host computer (serial, via modem, via Internet) or to send an SMS to a GSM, data loggers, real-time operating systems, Wireless Ethernet, DNC software, visual inspection software, HMI/SCADA software, CMM analysis software etc. In short, ATS, as the independent solution provider, can offer you solutions or advice on your applications.

ATS also sells SIXNET Ethernet switches, modems and RTU's (Remote Terminal Units). ATS offers various solutions for monitoring, data acquisition and alarming for integrated and stand-alone installations. Some of the SIXNET solutions are products such as VersaTRAK, SiteTRAK, EtherTRAK, industrial modems, LINUX solutions, etc.

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Unique EU Project: Osram Lamps for India

Unique EU Project: Osram Lamps for India
The emerging market of India is now also switching to energy-saving lamps. The research magazine Pictures of the Future reports that Osram has become the world’s first lamp manufacturer to participate in a United Nations climate protection program that involves exchanging used light bulbs for energy-efficient lighting units. >>>

OPC DataHub connects new and existing systems

OPC DataHub connects new and existing systems
BP Pipelines - USA (Case Study)
BP Pipelines operates one of the largest networks of pipelines in the United States, transporting over 450 million barrel-miles of petrochemicals per day. Their control center in Tulsa, Oklahoma is responsible for the transport of oil and natural gas from South-Central and Midwest oil fields to locations nationwide. >>>

Advanced OPC Bridging

Advanced OPC Bridging
OPC bridging is a way to connect an OPC Server to another OPC Server on the same computer. Using the OPC DataHub you can bridge between OPC Servers to integrate data from different systems. >>>

Case Study: Distributing Data from Remote Plants

Case Study: Distributing Data from Remote Plants
Fielding Chemical Technologies, the largest solvent and refrigeration reclamation company in Canada, is using the OPC DataHub to distribute the process data from their new Pervap project across the corporate network and the Internet. "The OPC DataHub is an amazing piece of technology," said Robert McGregor, Pervap project researcher. "It is reliable, secure, easy to use, and it does exactly what we need." >>>


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