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Food & Beverage
ATS has completed a wide range of applications for food & beverage industry.

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Solving A Slaughterhouse Mystery...

Solving A Slaughterhouse Mystery...
A large Dutch slaughterhouse has been using ATS MeatIT in their MES/MOM environment for decades. Every piece of meat is tracked and linked with the parent ERP system. The software on the work floor has been adapted to the production process and is easy to operate by hand via a touchscreen. >>>

Wine Producer Chooses ATS for Ignition Solution in Australia

Wine Producer Chooses ATS for Ignition Solution in Australia
ATS will soon be assisting a wine producer in New South Wales, Australia with an MES implementation. They started the process over a year ago but with increasing complexities becoming apparent within the project they have decided to utilise the experience of ATS to ensure that the project can be completed successfully. >>>


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