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ATS has completed a wide range of applications for the automotive industry. Special projects have included INTERBUS connectivity with Allen-Bradley PLC’s whereby a major auto manufacturer and the control supplier asked ATS to write a standard software protocol for implementation with PLC backplane communications modules.

Another very large application included painting booths using InTouch SCADA software with Mitsubishi and Siemens PLC’s.
A car manufacturer in Australia chose ATS as their preferred supplier for industrial control training. They quoted ATS’s independent, professional and flexible approach as the reason to choose ATS Training. Custom-made training courses are being developed for engineers and maintenance staff.

In a new application ATS has developed a tracking and tracing system for airbags using InTrack, InTouch and GE-Fanuc PLC’s. The customer demanded full error proofing and traceability. If a fault is detected for up to 10 years after production it is now possible to trace the origin of the airbag and status of the production machines during the manufacturing process. This technology can be adapted for many industries and ATS invites system integrators, machine builders and end users to contact one of our offices to discuss traceability requirements.

Implementation of full product traceability for three production locations in the Automotive Industry in the Netherlands and Germany.
The product traceability included unique identification of individual components and complete assemblies. Also registration of important, safety related, process values was achieved as well as automatic lock-out of defective items in the production line and controlled rework facilities.

Used techniques: Complete plant model and station-to-station tracking with Wonderware InTrack. Direct transaction interface between the machine control systems (based on GE-Fanuc 90-30 and 90-70 PLC’s) and InTrack using Ethernet connections. User-front end in Wonderware InTouch and a separate transaction handler written in Visual Basic.

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Is Industry 4.0 or Smart Manufacturing the real medicine for ongoing legislation adjustments in the medical device industry?

Is Industry 4.0 or Smart Manufacturing the real medicine for ongoing legislation adjustments in the medical device industry?
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Industrial Cyber-security v ICTCyber-security

Industrial Cyber-security v ICTCyber-security
The use of in-depth defence mechanisms and network architectures that limit the potential for damage as a result of malicious attacks is just one of the things we do in ATS Applied Tech Systems. Read further why you should pay attention to Industrial Cyber-security.
Industry 4.0: Solutions for Today - Strategies for the Future

Industry 4.0: Solutions for Today - Strategies for the Future
This interview with Martin Kelman was first published in the Engineering magazine.
Sydney Technology Expo

Sydney Technology Expo
ATS Applied Tech Systems wil be exhibiting at the Technology Expo in Penrith which is being organized by the Institute of Instrumentation Control and Automation (IICA).

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