CAD/CAM and DNC Solutions


CAD/CAM and DNC Solutions


The business activities of ATS are diverse, yet specifically focused on the production optimization of our customers. To give you an overview we have made a list below as an example of ​​our main activities.

  • CAD/CAM, DNC, Monitoring, Verification, Simulation, Optimization and Management Tools for Cutting, Milling, etc.
  • Consulting in production optimization
  • Customer-specific presentations of our CADCAM & DNC solutions
  • Installation & Implementation
  • High-end implementation projects
  • Classroom Training
  • Tailor-made training sessions
  • Helpdesk and support
  • On-site consultancy and support
  • Development of customer specific customizations
  • Development of postprocessors
  • NC programming
  • NC milling courses
  • Support of customers on our machinery
  • Customer Care days
  • Interactive Workshops
  • User Days

The approach of ATS is characterized by:

  • Standardized software to create customized solutions;
  • Machine and computer independent solutions;
  • Integration of software etc. from different vendors;
  • Great attention to customer support;
  • High-quality implementation of CADCAM & DNC;
  • Use of the latest technologies

ATS International has acquired machining activities Widenhorn about [ Learn more ].

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