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Des experts partageant leurs connaissances, leur expertise, les enseignements tirés et plus encore. Vu sous l'angle de la fabrication, des process, de l'informatique, de l'amélioration continue et de la durabilité.

Les auteurs :

Mike James, ATS
Mike James
Group Managing Director, ATS International B.V.

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ATS Belgique

1780 Wemmel
(+32) (0)2 - 725 86 58

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Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing
According to Desmond Savage, medical device manufacturing operations management consultant at ATS Global, “it is crucial to define and follow the smart manufacturing transformation strategy in order to achieve tangible business benefits. >>>

Electrical Engineering in the 21st century

Electrical Engineering in the 21st century
Back in the day we had to bring out our pencil and a ruler to create electrical schematics. Nowadays we almost fully rely on Electrical Computer Aided Design (E-CAD) software, fully-serviced part databases and automated functions like cross-references and intelligent symbol/part management. >>>


Manufacturers need to ensure buy in from across their organization in order to achieve success with their digital manufacturing efforts. >>>

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