MESA International Launches Global Education Program

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MESA Global Education Program
We're pleased to announce that the MESA community is stepping forward once again. MESA is engaging some of the foremost experts from across the Operations Management landscape to lead the knowledge sharing within the industrial community by offering MES/MOM* educational events across four continents.

This initiative is the first step in filling a noticeable void in industry - the lack of independent competency training in the Operations Management (MES/MOM) arena. This lack of wide-scale competency is recognized as a major barrier to plant and supply chain optimization and global operations excellence.

Earn your MESA Certificate in one of the programs below, and complement your professional experience with the recognition of learning from one of industry's most respected institutions.

MESA Certificate of Competency (CoC) for MES/MOM Methodologies - a 4-day, comprehensive program of MES/MOM Methodologies courses aimed at Systems Analysts, Architects, Programmers, Project Managers and Consultants.

MESA Certificate of Awareness (CoA) for MES/MOM Business Awareness - a 2-day, high-level program of MES/MOM Business Functions courses geared for executives, manufacturing/operations and IT personnel and sales professionals. The CoA courses are higher level, short versions of the CoC program.

The initial response to this program has been remarkable worldwide, and we expect to educate hundreds of professionals globally over the next several months. Will you be one of them?

See the details on MESA.org website!


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