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Cogent Real-Time Systems, Inc.

Cogent Real-Time Systems, Inc.
Data Connectivity Solutions

Founded in 1995, Cogent Real-Time Systems is the leader in real-time cross-platform data integration between Windows, Linux and QNX. Customers include the Bank of Canada, Cadbury Chocolate and the European Space Agency. Cogent has worked with ATS for many years to provide communication software for multiple operating systems.

Cogent's OPC DataHub is the only OPC tool you need. It connects multiple OPC servers and clients, providing OPC tunnelling, bridging and aggregation. It also connects control systems to Linux and QNX applications, TCP and DDE network clients, ODBC-compliant databases, Excel, MATLAB, InTouch, and many other applications.

OPC (OLE for Process Control) is a software interface standard that allows Windows programs to communicate with industrial hardware devices. An OPC server converts a hardware communication protocol into the OPC standard. An OPC client, such as an HMI, uses the OPC server to get data from or send commands to the hardware.


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