ATS SPC: Statistical Process Control ATS SPC: Statistical Process Control

With a drag and drop visual configuration and an infinitely customisable screen ATS SPC is very simple to set up and operate, regardless of the application or instruments used.

ATS SPC is used in a wide variety of applications from the pharmaceutical to the foundry industry. It has been used to measure everything from crankshafts to margarine tubs. It has been applied to tolerances of several millimetres to sub-microns. It is equally adept measuring complex aero-engine turbine blades or a multitude of different automotive components whilst also being equally at home measuring hot steel components in a foundry.

Main functionalities:

  • Real time direct measurement
  • Drag and drop visual setup
  • Powerful handling of multiple features
  • Multiple views
  • Statistical data collection and Analysis
  • Individual product serial numbering
  • Data tagging for traceability
  • 6 sigma, QS9001, ISO16949
  • MS Office compatible
  • Fully multi-tasking
  • Unlimited number of features per setup and measuring devices

Part of the ADOS Suite

ATS ADOS LogoATS SPC is part of the award-winning ADOS (Attribute, Dimensional, Operational and Shared) software suite. ADOS gives you world-class data collection, reporting and analysis while its cross-application integration provides endless avenues along which to develop and expand your manufacturing potential. For more information on ATS ADOS see here.

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