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ATS Software Development
ATS advises customers to use Commercially Off The Shelf (COTS) products wherever possible. When COTS software is not available our Software Development team can provide a Rapid Application Development (RAD) service. ATS Software Development operates centres of excellence in Australia, Europe and USA to provide this service.

RAD services frequently lead to the development of re-useable code and upgradeable, maintainable and configurable applications. ATS's development expertise extends into embedded software applications and high level programming languages.

ATS Software Development preferably applies state of the art development technologies and methodologies. Extended experience is available for development on industry standard platforms.

ATS Software Development Projects

The range of software development projects completed since 1986 is extensive, in this section a small number are mentioned:
  • Database Technology
    • Web based Sequencing application for JIT building and shipping of automotive parts to customer
    • Web based SPC Reporting application for the automotive industry
    • Software for raw materials scheduling and demand forecasting reports for a multi-national in the food and drink sector
  • Embedded Technology
    • Software for airport baggage handling
    • Software for flexible packaging systems
    • Turbine engine control system for aerospace customer
    • Software for Submarine control systems
    • Laser welding machine real-time control solution
    • Telemetry data collection systems for energy industry
  • Simulation Technology
    • Power station simulation software (Nuclear, Gas and Coal)
    • Warehouse logistics optimisation
  • Miscellaneous
    • Airbus 380 passenger boarding bridge control and visualisation
    • Egg sorting machine control
    • etc.

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