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ATS ADOS y otros productos para Smart Manufacturing, Industria 4.0, Smart automation y excelencia en Calidad y TI.

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ATS ADOS: Smart Decision Making

Solución de Fabricación Inteligente e Industria 4.0

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ATS Inspect: Quality Inspection Software

Significantly reduce scrap, rework, data collection and paperwork with ATS Inspect. Configurable for many different industries and applications. Web based reporting and event messaging.

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ATS CM4D: Quality Validation Software

ATS CM4D fills the gap between the virtual design world of Computer Aided Design and the physical world of manufacturing. It highlights differences between the geometric design specification and the 'as built' data from a manufactured item.

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ATS Intelligence: Real Manufacturing OEE

ATS Intelligence allows you to collect the data you need to calculate the OEE within your manufacturing process.

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ATS Bus: Manufacturing Service Bus

Communicate between all of your systems, no matter what type of data they’re using.

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ATS SPC: Statistical Process Control

Real-time statistical process control and precision measurement system for use in manufacturing.

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ATS ADOS: Door Closure Quality System

Check overall dimensional body performance by measuring gap, flush, door closing velocity and force.

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ATS Andon: Visualize your Plant-Floor Reports

Get advanced manufacturing analytical reports on-line and on-screen.

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Más ...

ATS Flexair Flowmeter

ATS Flexair Flowmeter
Air / Electronic Instruments for Accurate Miniature Hole Measurement in a range of materials from Rubber and Plastic to Composite and Metal. User Friendly, Fast and Accurate are main attributes to this system. The Tri-coloured column display gives instant feed-back on pass/fail to nominal settings. >>>

ATS MI Data Pro Client

ATS MI Data Pro Client
Completing the ATS MI Client Range, the MI Data Pro Client offers customers Intel® Core 2 Duo performance in a client foot-print that is less than 50mm larger than the Intel® Atom based ATS MI Data Client! >>>

ATS MI Data Client

ATS MI Data Client
Our range of industrial-grade fan-less computer systems based on the energy efficient Intel Atom CPU. Their sealed fan-less design prevent the harming effects of dust and dirt from inhibiting the performance on these systems. >>>

ATS Medidores de Flujo Flexair

ATS Medidores de Flujo Flexair
Instrumentos eléctricos y de aire para la medida exacta de agujeros miniatura en una amplia gama de materiales desde goma y plástico hasta compuestos y metálicos. >>>

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